™ version 2.10 is live

In keeping with our commitment to continuously expand the functionality and enhance the user experience for™, we are thrilled to share the news about the release of™ 2.10.

The latest version of this cloud-based PBX includes the Contact setup wizard that allows system administrators to quickly create a new internal contact and seamlessly onboard new users. This easy-to-use wizard will save customers valuable time by helping them to conveniently update the PBX configuration when adding users.

For more information on the contact setup wizard, please navigate here.

Other exciting additions to this version include the management of the™ softphone on the™ user interface, where an Outbound call announcement feature allows users to assign two different audio files for internal and external outbound calls. Now all users can easily add any audio file of their choice, which will be automatically played to the call recipient.

For more information on the outbound call announcement feature, please navigate here.

Version 2.10 also comes with an enhanced Voice menu. The new configuration layout for this menu is easier to understand and provides more flexible configuration scenarios, including custom “Playbacks” settings and more.

For more information on the voice menu improvements, please navigate here.

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