The™ version 2.8 is live

We continue to expand the functionality of our cloud PBX, and are pleased to announce the release of™ version 2.8. This release includes the following enhancements:

  • Encryption for SIP-Accounts - SIP-Accounts in™ 2.8 have been updated to support TLS encryption as well as encrypted media types SRTP-SDES and SRTP-DTLS.



These features are essential for meeting today’s security standards, and they also provide the ability to use™ SIP-Accounts via webRTC.
Kindly note that by default, encryption is disabled. Please contact your™ provider to enable this feature.


  • Combo-search tool - a new type of search has been added providing a quick way to find any related™ resource with a single search request. It is effectively a combination of the existing search capabilities, with the addition of the ability to search for objects on the™ workspace.



  • Avatars - the contacts have been improved to support avatars. Avatars that are added in™ also appear in the™ softphone application.



  • Improvements to the Call Logs section - call chart names and descriptions have been improved to better indicate the type of calls that are included in the statistics.
    Also, some visual improvements have been implemented to aid in the clarity of the displayed data.
    Contact statistics and contact charts have been improved to support additional charts for:
    a) Total Calls
    b) Total Lost Calls
    Also, the contact avatars have been included in the Call Logs section.

  • Mobile-friendly dropdowns - the™ user interface have been improved with the addition of mobile-friendly dropdowns for mobile users.

  • System emails - this feature allows users to set an email address, which can be used to send notifications about certain events that have occurred on the™ account.
    The events that can trigger the system email notification are as follows:
    a) When a Delivery method is given an “Access revoked” status
    Whenever one of the delivery methods in the cloud storage (Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive) receives the status “Access revoked”, an email is sent to report this.
    b) When there are failed deliveries on the account
    Whenever the system detects a failed delivery to one of the delivery methods, an email is sent to report this. If deliveries consistently fail, follow up emails are sent every 24 hours.
    This feature will be constantly updated to include more events.

As always, your feedback, comments and questions are welcome at

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