The™ integration with Pipedrive CRM

We are continuously advancing our commitment of making the™ softphone the top choice for your business communications, and are pleased to announce the latest improvement to our app – Pipedrive CRM integration.

The highly requested integration of this popular CRM solution will provide the following functionality for™ users:

  • Pipedrive CRM contacts are directly available to™ users;
  • The ability to open a Pipedrive CRM page from a™ contact page;
  • The option to automatically open the relevant Pipedrive CRM page when an incoming call is received to™ from that contact;
  • Direct click-to-dial from the Pipedrive CRM using™ tel/callto protocols;
  • The option of adding™ call recordings and call logs to a Pipedrive CRM contact page.


The integration with Pipedrive CRM is supported by our latest version of the™ application for Windows, and will shortly also be available for the Android, macOS and iOS platforms.

As always, we welcome and look forward to your feedback, comments and questions at

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