New UI and touch screen-friendly™ 2.6 is here

The™ team continues to expand the functionality and improve the user experience for™, and we are excited to announce the release of Version 2.6 of this innovative cloud PBX .

Our revolutionary drag, drop and connect UI has received a new refreshing and pleasing look, and this updated interface now allows you to fully experience™ on your mobile and touch screen devices.

Version 2.6 of™ includes the following advancements:

Redesigned and improved UI:


  • The Objects menu has been moved to the right-hand bottom of the workspace for improved navigation from the object to its settings. This menu may now easily be collapsed and recovered for efficient use of the workspace.


  • The Trash Bin is not a permanent fixture on the screen; instead it automatically appears at the bottom right-hand corner of the workspace when objects are dragged in that direction.


  • The new tab menu has improved visibility for easier identification of multiple workspace pages in complex voice configurations. This menu also facilitates direct navigation to other™ products.

  • Objects may now be repositioned on mobile devices by using a “long tap” action. The “move” icon will indicate that the object can be repositioned.


  • A “long tap” may also be used to activate object “sockets” for cable connections. Simply clicking on the “socket” of an object activates the cable connection mode, and clicking once more on the “socket” of a second object will complete the cable connection.


  • The workspace is now mobile-friendly, and the complete page may be repositioned once the objects’ “move” mode is disabled.


  • The number of warning notifications have been minimized to improve the ease of configuration and use of™.

  • “Incomplete” objects that require the input of additional configuration parameters in order to function correctly, now display a warning animation.


Updated Call Logs

  • Clicking on a point on a Call Chart results in the display of the CDRs for the relevant date/time, resulting in the convenient analysis of call statistics.

  • A new field “Internal Disconnect Reason” has been added to the Inbound CDRs and Contact Outbound CDRs call logs. This field is populated by the™ platform to provide users with an understandable (and non-technical) reason why a call was disconnected. This field may also be used as a CDR filter parameter.


  • An additional filter is available, allowing users to display CDRs according to the success or failure of call connections.


  • The “Export now” feature in the Call Logs now exports data according to the currently active filters being applied to that data.

Improved security for SIP Account contact methods

  • A new “Allowed IPs” feature offers the ability to lock the SIP device registration to specific IP addresses, preventing possible security violations or fraud by disallowing registration from other locations. Both IPv4 and IPv6 addressing is supported.

  • Improved SIP Account security in the UI, with the SIP Account form no longer displaying the SIP credentials by default. Credentials are now accessed “on-demand” by pressing a button specifically reserved for this purpose.

  • The SIP credentials now include the user agent details for this device.


Delivery Method enhancements

  • SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol) has been added as a Delivery Method for files such as voicemail, fax and notification messages, as well as the contents of recorded calls.


  • Quick-edit links have been added to the Delivery Method drop-down menus for all objects, simplifying the selection and configuration of these parameters.


  • A Delivery Logs tab has been added in the call logs section where all delivery events are logged and can be used for troubleshooting and monitoring.


Codec configuration options

  • Users may enable, disable and prioritise codecs for SIP Accounts, Inbound Trunks and gateways, providing improved compatibility with external systems and devices that are connected to™.


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