The™ management portal updates

In order to make™ the only phone app that you will ever need, we are continually improving this versatile softphone. The latest advancements to its management portal are:

  • New codec settings for SIP accounts - allows users to enable, disable and prioritize codecs on a per-SIP-account basis, including the selection of the OPUS codec.


  • New device list table - the presentation of the™ device list has been revised and improved, and the form factor and the applicable OS for all activated devices is now displayed.


  • Simplified Device Statuses - the display of the device status has been simplified, with the options being Not activated, Offline or Online. In addition, a qualifier has been added to the Not activated status, indicating that the device activation instructions have been sent, and listing the recipient of those instructions.


  • Improved device activation flow - the logic flow for activating a device has been enhanced, and the Activation Instruction window now includes details indicating to whom and when the device activation instructions were sent. Moreover, to improve security, this single-use activation key will be hidden once the instructions have been sent.




  • Improved User Panel navigation - a “breadcrumb” type navigation option has been implemented in™ to assist in the more efficient usage of this interface, and to enhance the user experience.


  • “Move device” feature - a new feature has been implemented that enables the moving of devices from one contact to another, facilitating the efficient reallocation of configured resources.


As always, we are looking forward to your feedback, comments and questions

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