The™ 2.4 is here

The™ team continues to expand the functionality available in our cloud PBX, and we are excited to announce the release of™ version 2.4. The latest version includes the following enhancements:

  • Fax feature – Incoming fax messages are delivered via Dropbox, Email, FTP server or Google Drive, supported by G.711 pass-through and T.38 fax protocols. The implementation of this highly requested fax functionality will encourage users of the older versions of™ to upgrade to the latest release.


  • Improved Contact Management and™ integration with the following upgrades:

A. An additional Contact Method has been included to enable the seamless use of™ devices with™. Users may now create, edit, delete and activate™ devices directly from within™, eliminating the need to login to when managing these devices.


B. Users may now display a drop-down list of all the services to which the various Contact Methods have been allocated, thereby simplifying the management of complex PBX systems. This feature includes a “locate” utility, allowing quick access for viewing and editing services that are using the selected Contact Method.


C. Contact Methods may now be moved from one contact to another, facilitating the efficient reallocation of resources. Previously, in order to move a Contact Method, that Contact Method would have to be deleted and then re-created under the appropriate contact. This feature is not yet supported for™ devices.


  • Cable connections between different tabs improved - When using multiple workspace pages, it is now possible to separately position the “inter-workspace link” on each workspace, thereby improving the usability of multi-workspace configurations.


As always, your feedback, comments and questions are welcome at

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