The™ softphone version 1.2 is live

In accordance with our commitment to make™ the only phone app that you will ever need, we are continuously adding new features to this versatile softphone.

The latest version includes the following advancements:

callto, tel and protocol support - The highly requested support for callto and tel protocols will allow users to launch the™ softphone and initiate calls directly from their web browsers or other applications. Functionality of our protocol has been extended to include additional commands such as transferring, holding or muting calls. These new protocols are currently supported on Windows, macOS and iOS platforms, and will shortly be available for the™ app for Android.


Notification for incoming calls - This useful feature allows notifications of incoming calls to the™ softphone application to appear in the notification center of the user’s device, enabling users to process and interact with incoming calls under locked screen conditions. Notification for incoming calls is available for Windows, Android, macOS and iOS™ applications.


As always, we welcome and look forward to your feedback, comments and questions at

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