The™ 2.2 is live

We are continually adding new functionality to this platform to make™ the global cloud PBX of your choice. In addition to the earlier announced features, the latest version includes the following advancements:

  • Feature Codes - Fully configurable feature codes such as attended and unattended call transfers, as well as a "call pickup" functionality, allowing users to answer calls that are ringing other extensions.


  • Improved caller router functionality - Users have the option of routing calls according to full number or prefix-matching logic. Multiple numbers or prefixes may be added to a call router as required, with each number having an “Allow/Disallow” flag that defines the call routing behavior.


  • Incoming SIP Trunk Integration - Incoming SIP trunks may be added and configured directly from within™, allowing seamless interconnection with any SIP-compatible VoIP service provider. Full registration options are provided, and both UDP and TCP transport protocols are supported.


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