The™ 2.2 is coming soon

The feature set available for the cloud PBX platform continues to grow, and an updated version of™ 2.2 will be released soon. The latest advancements will include:

  • Call Queuing - Incoming calls are placed in a queue before those calls are passed on to a queue member. This allows a large number of calls to be handled effectively, which is essential for call centers. Multiple ring strategies are available to specify how calls are distributed between queue members, and music-on-hold, custom ring tones and "on hold time" announcements will be supported.

  • Notifications - The ability to receive notifications via email when specific events occur, such as a participant joining a conference. The contents of the email are fully customizable, and the caller (source) and destination numbers may be automatically inserted into the email so as to provide additional important notification details and facilitate integration and automation.

  • Integrated Audio Playback - Allows users to preview previously recorded or uploaded files. This playback functionality will be available from the™ Media Center, as well as directly from any object on the workspace that includes supports for audio files.




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