Announcing™ 2.1

Our vision is that™ will be the cloud PBX of choice for global businesses and enterprises, and we are continuously improving this platform and adding features. The current version,™ 2.1, delivers new features and enhancements as follows:

  • Caller routing, where incoming calls are forwarded to different destinations such as employees, business locations or voice menus depending on the originating phone number. In addition, this feature is highly useful for routing calls according to their geographic origin. In the call flow shown below, the Caller Routing object is configured to include the phone number 1-718-673-6178. Therefore, if incoming calls are received from that number, then they are routed directly to John Smith. Otherwise, all incoming calls are sent to the General Voice Menu.


  • The addition of a blacklist service, allowing users to block incoming calls that are received on specified phone numbers. If the calling number matches a blacklisted phone number, then that call is automatically disconnected. An simple usage example of the a blacklist is shown below, where the blacklist filter is applied to all incoming calls before those calls are processed by the companies' voice menu.


  • Modification to the Media Center, where users are now able to record audio messages directly from their web browser. These audio files are used by Voice Menu, Playback and Ring Group objects to play messages and/or music to waiting callers. In addition, all audio files stored in the Media Center may be played back on the host device.


We welcome and look forward to your feedback, comments and questions at

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