Welcome to telecom.center™

This is an important day for us and we are happy to share our vision of interconnectivity, and to present the first version of telecom.center™ to the community of VoIP enthusiasts and early adopters.

We believe that by bringing together diverse ideas and projects that support open interconnectivity and standards, technology will become more powerful, usable and accessible.

The goal of telecom.center™ is to promote and expand the accessibility of products and services that adhere to the spirit of open connectivity standards. telecom.center™ is a place where the global community of users, integrators, resellers, vendors, developers and service providers can buy, sell and aggregate qualified products, apps and services.

We have designed telecom.center™ as a single sign-on platform, where applicable configured properties and content such as contacts, trunks or call data may be seamlessly available to an array of integrated apps, products and services that adhere to industry standards.


Our products and services

The first services to be hosted by telecom.center™ are phone.systems™ and call.center™. These applications have been developed by the innovation team of DIDWW, and serve as an example of how diverse products may operate independently or together, are simple to use, and are fully compatible with standard VoIP infrastructure.

phone.systems™ is a fully-featured, virtual phone system that makes cloud telephony available to everyone. This platform includes a unique, easy to use, drag-and-drop based management interface that allows multiple users, remote offices and telecommuters to become part of a single and highly flexible phone system. The product is fully scalable, and configurations cover a wide range of applications from simple home use through to complex, multi-branch voice systems.

Our vision is that this product will be the cloud PBX of choice, used by every business on the planet. Therefore, phone.systems™ has been specifically designed to conform to our philosophy of open connectivity, and this platform is an independent cloud application that may be seamlessly integrated with any VoIP compatible infrastructure (such as call termination or origination services) of the customer’s choice. In addition, the specifically chosen generic name of the product reflects its independence and is well suited for co-branding programs by service operators, integrators, resellers and enterprise customers.

call.center™ is an innovative SIP-based softphone for MacOS, iOS, Android and Windows computers and devices, and is designed for those who want to own full control of their business communications experience. This app presents a unique, simple-to-use and innovative drag-to-call user interface, where all the necessary functions are displayed front and center, smoothly integrating and optimizing voice operations with the workflow processes.

A fully-featured optional management portal is provided for use in conjunction with call.center™ apps, allowing administrators to securely configure, maintain and control these apps installed on user devices, regardless of their location or operating system. This means that SIP credentials and passwords are hidden from users, providing a significant layer of security for the underlying network.

Why participate in the early adopter program?

We encourage you to join the early adopter community and explore the apps and services hosted at telecom.center™. This is your opportunity to take a part in shaping the industry for the future, and your feedback and contributions are very important to the success of this vision.

We need your help to:

  • Improve usability and functionality of telecom.center™ services by submitting your ideas.
  • Achieve full compatibility by testing telecom.center™ services within your own VoIP environment, and providing our team with information regarding interoperability.
  • Grow telecom.center™ by suggesting new and complimentary products and services that are appropriate for seamless integration.

All contributions are greatly valued, and qualified contributors will be rewarded with free perpetual contact licenses for all telecom.center™ services*.

All registered users will have full access to telecom.center™ services for free until further notice. Thereafter, a low, fixed monthly fee per contact will apply as per the published product fee schedules.

For any questions regarding this project, please contact us at feedback@telecom.center.

*The following terms apply: Rewards are given at the sole discretion of the telecom.center™ team. A free perpetual contact license means: the right to use a single contact as defined in the services terms and conditions, free of charge for as long as the service is made available on the telecom.center™ website. No other rights are granted to the receivers of the Rewards.

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